Digital Services

We can digitise your original artwork in our fully equipped photography studio, conveniently located next to our Giclee printing space.

Digitising Artwork

Do you want to sell prints or greeting cards of your original artwork? If so, you’ll need to get a high resolution digital file of your creation.

We can digitise your original artwork in our fully equipped photography studio. The single shot process enables us to create a high resolution, 50.6 megapixel, digital copy of your work which can be printed up to approximately 75cm x 56cm at full 300dpi photo resolution. This process also enables us to crop your original artwork to an alternative ratio, remove unwanted marks or smudges and repair parts that may have been damaged. We can also take multiple shots of the artwork in order to increase the resolution of the final image.

The whole process is colour calibrated from, camera to computer to printer, to ensure the most accurate representation of your original artwork is achieved.

On Location Art Photoshoot

If you require us to shoot artwork on location, including artwork and gallery documentation, we can bring our setup to you. We have a minimum charge of £70 per hour and expenses, depending on the location.

Artwork Scanning

If you have originals that you would like to have scanned, we offer an artwork scanning service for watercolour, oils, acrylics, photographs, canvases, charcoal drawings, pastel, pen and ink up to A3 size.

Photo Editing

In the course of creating your high resolution digital files, either by scanning or photography in our studio, we utilise a broad range of digital editing tools, to ensure you get the best result possible from digitising your work.

Using Adobe's creative suite, we perform professional editing on digital files for retouching, photo restoration, colour correction and much much more!

We also perform resampling of files using Adobe creative suite and ON1 to increase the dpi to allow for larger prints to be produced.

Our workflow is fully colour managed with colour calibration.

Photo Restoration

One of the great advantages of digitising images is the ability to ‘repair’ original photographs that have been damaged.

Utilising our scanner we are able to create a digital copy of the damaged image and use a wide range of digital tools to repair scratches, folds and tears as well as correcting any colour shift that may have occurred over time.

This digital file can then be reprinted, shared with family and friends online or added to a slideshow for a special occasion.

Document Scanning

More and more its necessary to have access to your important documents online.

All our document scanning is done using a high resolution Epson 1640XL scanner which creates digital files that can be easily distributed through email.

These digital copies of your original documents are also ideal for storing on your smart phone or tablet, ensuring you always have access to them even when there is no internet.

The files are also suitable for storage online with readily avaliable cloud services such as Drop Box or Google Drive, ensuring you will always have a copy available if you lose your original.

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