Professional print and digital services for artists and photographers

Professional print and digital services for artists and photographers

Professional print and digital services for artists and photographers

Professional print and digital services for artists and photographers

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic all orders and enquiries will be conducted online.
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Fine art printing


We specialise in printing. You specialise in creating!

Together we can produce visually stunning products that your clients will value for their uniquness and craftsmanship.

It doesn’t matter if you're a well established professional or just starting out as a hobbiest, we are here to help all artists and photographers pursue their dream. 

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Laminating protects and preserves all your treasured maps, personal documents, certificates and children's drawings.

It is also the perfect solution for public notices,  signage, displays, architectural drawings and reusable items.

If you laminate it you can wipe it clean with disinfectant to help keep everyone safe.

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Block Mount Wall Art


Mounting of photographic prints, fine art prints, original artwork, and posters is an essential part of creating any wall art.

By mounting the work on to a suitable material you ensure the stability and longevity of the art work, so it can be admired and enjoyed for many generations to come.

We would recommend that you also laminate the work if you want to achieve the maximum durability for your wall art.

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Digitising is the process of turning original art work and documents into a digital format that can then be used in an ever increasing number of ways.

You can share the resulting digital files with  friends, colleagues, clients, and employers. You can reproduce the artwork or document as often as you desire, you can further develop the artwork digitally. 

You can store your documents on your devices or online so that you can always access them. The list of possibilities and uses goes on and on! 

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Joanna Young, Project Manager

Excellent print and customer service!  Affordable prices and great quality work.  Many thanks for the speedy turn around!

Del Robertson, Photographer

Have been using Scotia Visuals ever since I started my own business and they never fail to deliver, both in terms of great customer service and prompt timing with orders made. Great service.

Peter Weir, Graphic Artist

I always turn to Scotia Visuals whenever I want to create some new Wall Art. Helpful, patient and always professional. Great prices too!